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I met Dr. Nicole Friedman at Scripps Center for Executive Health in La Jolla, California two years ago. When choosing a doctor to help with mental health there are several critical factors to research in this decision. Here are three reasons why I trust and believe in Dr. Friedman. First, she is a great listener. I am a business owner and I am constantly amazed that business executives have not learned the art of listening. Dr. Friedman has and she is very good at it. After all, how is your doctor going to help you if he/she does not have the ability to listen to your concerns, needs and problems? Second, she is on the cutting edge of neurological science. This has to be a tough assignment for any doctor. Being abreast of current techniques, medications and research may be critical for your success in getting treatment. Dr. Friedman can provide you with options that other doctors may not even know about. Third, she genuinely cares about her patients. She took the time to meet with me at Scripps a week ago and we talked for an hour. Technically I’m not her patient. But, I found that her professional knowledge is second to none and her ability to communicate this information is comprehensive, understandable and refreshing. I had the sense that she took this time with me because she really cares (about me) and disseminating her knowledge for greater goodness. Therefore, I would strongly encourage you to use Dr. Friedman for your perceived needs in her field. I feel that you will be extremely pleased with your decision. — Paul J. Blasdel, Founder and CEO Stego Industries LLC

With her extensive education and experience in human interaction over a broad range of fields, Dr. Nicole Friedman’s ability to gather key information and make her assessment quickly, formulate an action plan, and begin the process of “help” to clients, is what differentiates from others in this space. It is what brought her to our business. The fields her experiences are gathered from are very broad, beyond “corporate organization work” – entertainment, health care, judicial and law enforcement and security – she works seamlessly across the boundaries and brings insights and fresh perspective to her work. The process she employed helped our team members understand themselves better and provided a window of self-awareness in their day to day lives that resulted in real change of the members in the assessed group. The benefit from a purely business perspective was the fact that we did find some members who were not suited for the senior positions for which they were targeted, saving the expense of placing someone in a position they were ill-suited for due to an outdated selection process.Rick Hartman, Ph.D., COO, New-Indy Containerboard

Dr. Friedman met with me (evaluated, counseled, kicked my butt) back in 2009 during my first visit to the Scripps Center for Executive Health. I was the Chief Operating Officer of Jack in the Box at the time and not doing a very good job of managing my stress and overall mental and physical health. Well, I just returned to the Scripps Center for the second time and my evaluation all around was excellent! When I was asked how I was doing it, I replied, ‘I just listened to what Nicole Friedman told me.’ I am now the CEO and Chairman of Jack in the Box and I feel happier and healthier than ever.” Lenny Comma, CEO and Chairman, Jack in the Box

Simply stated, Dr. Friedman is amazing. Through her four-prong method she helps us to increase our self-awareness and to discover our positive thought patterns and behaviors while working to shed the negative patterns and behaviors. Often when situations or things would spin out of control I would find myself becoming anxious and in some cases expressing myself in unhealthy ways. Dr. Friedman taught me ways to slow things down, check my emotions, and breathe in a manner that re-centers and calms. As a result, I have found greater peace at home and at work.” —B.R. Founder and CEO, Biomedical Corporation

Dr. Nicole Friedman is an expert in guiding people to find what, at the core, is creating challenge in their life and providing tools to help address such challenges to create a new way of approaching difficult situations. As someone who has personally benefited from her guidance and approach—one which is thoughtful, based in science, yet also remarkably ‘real’—I can attest to the power of her skillset.” —J. Simoes, Business Development, Pharmaceutical industry

Dr. Nicole Friedman’s unique approach has significantly influenced the way we provide care at Scripps Center for Executive Health. By translating the process of personal transformation into a business framework that our executive clients can easily understand and adopt, she is able to support them through incredible changes that we build on year after year through a robust, holistic model. In a world of shortcuts and magic pills, it’s difficult to find a process to change that lasts. Dr. Friedman has done it, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.”—Scott Carstens, MD, Medical Director, Scripps Center for Executive Health

With her process, Dr. Friedman offers us a holistic, practical, no-nonsense approach and proven process to help change ourselves for the better so we can lead more fulfilling lives. Her methods will help you strip away what’s no longer serving you and see where you need to add in new supports in a way that works with your body’s built-in mechanisms. Once you learn to recognize and understand the messages you’ve been sending yourself all along, you’ll be empowered to take control of the conversation. With newfound awareness and tools, Dr. Friedman will show you how to make better choices, optimize your environment, and navigate the relationships that profoundly affect your ability to make and stick with changes in your life. Brava Dr. Friedman!” — Scott W. Matthews, CEO, Learning Evolution, LLC, Elder and Board Member of the Free Sacred Trinity Church & Optimal Health Institute in San Diego, CA.

Dr. Friedman is committed to providing executable advices for an average person. She clearly acknowledges that it is necessary to work a long time to identify dysfunctional paradigms and modify them for our long-term benefit. She also makes explicit the interaction between the mind and the associated experience of an individual, as well as the impact of our environment. She offers hope that any individual has the potential to be a high-performer. In addition to providing a tool kit for ‘change management’ she also provides a set of values for achieving and maintaining a state of wellbeing at a bio, psycho and social level. I can’t recommend her work highly enough.”— Francois Sauer, MD, Program Advisor, SHINE, Harvard School of Public Health, Founder of Sauer and Associates, LLC

I feel like I’ve been to church! —W.S.

Thank you so much. Your observations were enlightening and your energy inspiring. —K.A.

I’ve employed the simple relaxation method you practiced with me in the office and the result has been my ability to return to sleep and wake up in a more refreshed state. Thank you for that gift. —T.R.

I’ve taken your recommendation and use your “chocolate philosophy” eat in moderation. So I have lost approximately 17 pounds and have kept it off and feel like I am on the right path. —T.C.

I wanted to send along a note of thanks for your good advice & insight. The time was well spent. I am weaving the recommendations into my normal routine, effective immediately. —J.R.

Thanks so much Nicole. I have done the breathing exercises you showed me a few times already and then checked my BP with a home unit I bought. My BP is down to 121/65!! —T.L.

It was refreshing that you dug right in & I thank you. —M.R.

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