Scripps Center for Executive Health

Since 1981 the Scripps Center for Executive Health has been a leader in providing comprehensive early disease detection and lifestyle evaluation with its WholePerson Examination. By fostering a unique approach that “marries” clinical testing with known patient behaviors, the Center has helped thousands of successful men and women stave off serious, adult-onset disease and embrace healthy decision making around nutrition, exercise, stress mitigation and the mind-body connection.

“Live Well For Life” is more than just a tag line for the Center. It has been a true north for the care we deliver to every patient. And at the center of each integrated care plan is a robust mental health–positive psychology component led by Dr. Nicole Friedman.

Dr. Nicole Friedman has helped forged the Center’s approach to many common mental health concerns and their deleterious effects on peak performance, such as stress, anxiety, depression, optimism, addictive behaviors, type-A behavior pattern, obsessive compulsive disorder and narcissism. Patients often come to the SCEH with serious concerns about risk for physical disease expression, but it is the gains these patients make during just one 45-minute Life Quality Assessment, or one coaching session to learn how to quiet the mind and engage a vital Mind-Body connection that have them talking when they leave the facility.

For almost half of the Center’s 36 years, Dr. Friedman has been instrumental in coaching patients to resiliency and healthy responses to daily stressors and the anxiety that often accompanies peak performers. When Dr. Friedman came onboard she helped guide the WholePerson Examination approach from its roots in teaching stress mastery to converting free-flowing cortisol to create calm, confident, stress-busting optimal performance. More recently, Dr. Friedman has been there as the SCEH embraced positive psychology and working with patients to see how satisfied they are in areas such as home, career, money and health. The result has been one of the most comprehensive WholePerson Examinations ever, using the four-pronged approach of “YO90” to ensure patients leave with a dynamic blueprint for continued success, health and vitality.

– James Tuck, MBA, Manager, Scripps Center for Executive Health

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