About Dr. Nicole Friedman

Dr. Nicole Friedman is a consulting, clinical health and forensic psychologist licensed in California, New York and Virginia. For over a decade she has been a consultant at Scripps Center for Executive Health implementing the mind-body and life quality assessment program.

As a consultant, individually, and along with Operational Consulting International Inc., she works nationally and internationally. Her clientele includes entrepreneurs, C-level executives, athletes, senior management, internal legal counsel, law firms, individuals and couples and organizations within the media and entertainment industry.

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Clinical Therapy & Coaching

Trained as a clinical health psychologist, Dr. Friedman operationalizes insights from psychology and neuroscience into practical strategies to support personal well-being.

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Executive Leadership, Coaching & Development

Dr. Friedman will provide a complete psychological assessment, which includes scientifically- based and validated testing.

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Speaking Engagements

Dr. Friedman often does speaking engagements in and around the State of California for various companies and health organizations.

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Drawing upon the clinical and executive sessions, Dr. Friedman conducts intensives, “A Course in You,” for clients.

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Organizational Consultation & Development

Dr. Friedman assists organizations as a change agent, particularly in times of critical change in regards to strategy, structure, and systems.

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